Art ritual and the 9 «i-words»©️


  • Art ritual – A deeper preparation and communication in the creative process
  • Insight into the 9 words that are woven together in everything we do
  • Berit’s geometric paintings form the backdrop of the event as they are the foundation for the experiences, and will not be for sale. (Own sales exhibitions are advertised separately.)
  • Tea service in glass
  • Have fun together
  • Sound and adapted music reduce tension and stress in the body
  • Slow, calm and comfortable yoga movements for relaxation
  • Soft dance movements open up the joy of creation
  • Meditation and social closure
  • Saturday 16 March at 13.00-15.00
  • Tuesday 26 March 18.00-20.00 (Easter week)
  • Price: NOK NOK 230 per time.
  • Paid via Vipps to tel. 41416372
  • Binding registration no later than 3 days before the relevant date (min. 3 participants) CLICK HERE
  • Address: Kristin Lavransdattersveg 25, 2316 Hamar

I welcome you to a unique and beautiful experience that includes everything that I, as an artist, writer and yoga teacher, want to share with you through my creative philosophy. I have a genuine desire to give you an enriching and inspiring experience that can give you relaxation from stress, as well as leadership threads in a creative direction in your professional everyday life, your hobby business etc.

On arrival, tea is served in beautiful glasses while I tell a little about what will happen at the event. Why I have chosen the i-words I have, you will soon find out? It is the journey through all that I am, and how I use my skills before and during e.g. the painting process in a painting, how I try to the best of my ability to pull myself out of the space where all the rules are placed. My emotions get to dominate reason because that’s where both receptivity and creation get to live.

The 9 «i-words», are words that I have collected and that are all included in everything we do, and when we start a project, or what we do and say, along the way we will «need something…» I wish to shed light on this very thing, and remind us how complex the WHAT, WHERE, WHY and HOW are in everything we do and want. These words are woven into thoughts and feelings, who we are, and will create the outcome in how we choose to say, do or perceive what we hear, see and perform.

After an introduction about the event, we will spend some time looking, feeling, sensing and experiencing the room where my paintings/photos together with «My yoga Guy» and representatives from the 9 «words» will be exhibited. The shared social experience can create questions and curiosity and perhaps other things will emerge as well.

In this part of the event I will use the delicate but powerful Koshi bells which will create a good and relaxing atmosphere.

«Silent Yin & Yang movement» which is a yogic form that I have established through my own experience with pain and minimal energy, and which I think many people will benefit from because I pay attention to and convey the importance of being good to ourselves . This is the creative part of the event, and is introduced with a gong sound, followed by calm and simple standing movements and static exercises. At the end of this part, with music, we will move freely in a form of creative movement where we create something with our senses, depending on the individual’s creative perception and direction.

The idea behind the dance and the movements is to open up to receptivity and our emotions, and not least courage, because we are often afraid of not doing things well enough. We will have a pleasant and fun time together, be in the process and be brave with hopefully a more excited heart center.

At the end of the event, tea is served again, and we will use some time to take in the «exhibition» again with «new» eyes after the yogic part, and we round off with a quiet reflection / meditation.

At the very end, if desired, we will have a social time about the experiences and impressions you have gained and which can become seeds for the way forward.

Connection between «everything» we see or don’t see

What you need to have with you

You should bring thick socks or slippers, because it is cold on the floor, and warm, soft clothes.

More about me and CV

If you have any questions, or would like to invite me to your gallery with the unique experience I offer, or for other occasions, please send me an email so that we can plan the event together. Contact me

I wish you all the best

Berit Haga- the artist