Greeting cards

Sending a handwritten card with a caring and uplifting greeting inside show love and gratitude, and that friends, family and others live in our hearts.

The images come alive the moment my eyes see something important then and there through my feelings or my thoughts.
Creativity and artistry define who I am and influence everything I do. I lead a yogic, creative and artistic lifestyle, characterized by my life experiences. Openness, sensitivity, curiosity and receptivity are essential for me. Embracing life’s possibilities allows me to face challenges and seize the moment.

Double cards will be out for sale soon.

With English text
Greetings cards with Norwegian text

Package with 6 – 10 items. 6 = NOK 300,- 10 = NOK 450,-

14,5X14,5 cm cards – print on 4 sides. 15X15 cm. white envelopes. Paper type: Standard digital print silk 350gr.

Due to shipping costs and customs value, the weight is limited to 350 grams per letter package. If a larger order is desired, it can be arranged.
The shipping price will be the same regardless of 6 or 10 cards. If tracking is desired on the shipment, there will be a slightly more expensive shipping price.