The background story of the Geometric keys

Through my yoga practice since 2012 and until today, I have gradually changed in many ways. The yoga practice and at the same time the years as a clothing designer earlier, have brought with it a deeper and stronger intuitive sensitivity in the creative power, as well as a greater security of being outside the square and standing steady as an autodidact artist.

In 2016, I was looking in a picture book that was to be the seed that opened a new wisdom in me through an exceptionally strange experience I had no control over. A short time later, something was triggered in me again and resulted in the keys. The motifs I called «The geometric keys», were first drawn with black ink on 10 x 15 cm photo paper, just as they emerged at the moment. An addition, ruler, protractor, and fits were used. Sometimes, other aids such as a glass, or a bowl.

2 years later, the keys were painted in the color shades of the 3 colors – white, black and gold. When I was ready for it, I chose acrylic on canvas. Brushes, and other aids in addition to the above, are used.

It was somehow conveyed to me that it was not allowed for me to discriminate against the motifs that was created on the photo paper, because it is not up to me to use the will to assess the importance. Or whether it is appropriate, or fine in the moment of creation.

A new and unique and different original with the original key is painted when one is sold, or in a different size or expression. In this way, the 11 keys will live like a series in the time. The exciting thing is that the 11 are constantly changing as I am. Each new key allows for both wonder and understanding.

The point of numbers instead of names, is that I as an artist should not influence the one who sees the picture, and create a prejudice through my own awareness, thinking and feelings, on whatever may come to me.

«Thank you Universe, for the gift.»