Questions, buying and shipping

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Question or buying a painting

Thank you for being interested in my paintings, and it will be nice to hearing from you if you have som questions, or if you want to buy my art.

Please contact me if there is anything I can do for you.

Packing the canvas 

The canvas will be carefully removed from the frame, and covered with a layer of soft plastic.

Then, the canvas with the plastic will be carefully rolled around a hard plastic tube.

After that, the painting will be covered with layers of bobble plastic before it finally will be put in a larger hard plastic tub for shipping.

A Certificate of authenticity is attached.


When the full price for the painting is received through PayPal, I will do my very best to ship the package to you as soon as possible.

Normally, I need 3-5 days to get the package ready and order the shipping process with DHL shipping company.


The canvas will be shipped in a tube of hard plastic.

DHL shipping express worldwide “door to door” by a signature from the buyer.

Estimated 3-5 day delivery time.

(Due to Corona issues estimated delivery time may be delayed.)

In Norway 

“Norwegian package” by Posten

Thank you for viewing my painting, and I am looking forward to cooperate with you.

Best regards 

Berit Haga – the artist