Original abstract painting in acrylic on canvas.

The pictures here on the website do not show the very accurate colors of the paintings, but a very good impression is given. The exciting is how the paintings change and live in the lighting. If there is a special interest in a painting, I can try to do better if desired. At the bottom of the page you will find a picture of the signature on the back of the canvas and the certificate that comes with the original.

The difference between the GraVity style and the Geometric keys is that the motive now just comes one at the time through an intuitive reception in an active meditation while the time passes by.
The GraVity paintings are not presented like a «series» in the same way as the Geometric keys are, because the 11 keys appeared in a series in a very short period of time. And, I was given a strong intention about those 11 was together somehow.

The technical process and the 3 colors black, white and gold are the same.

Stamped and signed with the paintings number on the back side
An authenticity stamped certificate with signature follows the original