«I am a self learned artist (autodidakt), just as I were as a designer, and I am standing very well on my own feet, and trusting my work.«

The artistic part

At this point in my life I have reach an another artistic path at age 59 years. I think I have more self esteem this time compared to my past career as a designer of dresses and clothing inspired by the medieval and the folklore style.

So, I am actually proud of being able to offer you my style of art from the universal, creative and artistic side of myself. Behind the paintings, I always try to express good intentions and become an inspiration source for those who discover my abstract paintings.

But… the ting is, this creative and artistic side of me is no side, but the very essence of myself and everything I do!
In other words, what «I am» is a yogical, creative and artistic everyday lifestyle through the experiences I have gathered in my life so far. Openness and sensitivity, curiosity and the ability to accept help, goes hand in hand as I see it. The possibilities in the grandeur has made me capable of standing in front of the «emptiness» and catch the moment.

«I am quite curious about why I was supposed to paint geometric style, because I was really bad in math in school when I was young. Perhaps there is an irony here?
I am so humble and grateful, but sometimes it really takes my breath away.
But… I can’t help myself from wondering…
Maybe this is the way I can understand?»

Using what I have

Sometimes I don’t dare, but I keep the paintbrush in my hand anyway. Sometimes I freeze and shivering by the cold feeling inside my self because the energies flows untamed in my body.
Sometimes I give up and have to go away. But, every time I work on a painting or a «geometric key», I’m going back to it all the time, even though I still don’t know the solution to how it should be.

The color shades are quite unpredictable and will not have the same appearance next time I painting the same key. That means I can’t make the same twice even if I tried. Sometimes the white dominates, sometimes the black, and in the grey there is no limitation. All this mixed up together may sometimes give an illusjon of ice-blue or grey-blue, specially in the light at daytime.

I work very seriously with my art work, and let me tell you a little about how I experiencing my work with my paintings. Sometimes I feel very great and are happy while I listen to my favorite music, and my heartbeats are enthusiastic of a new project. Sometimes it can be quite the opposite, and I get anxious in front of the empty canvas.

Then, I have to find patience, because I know that the code will be solved, and the work will be completed. And … I complete because it feels so important, and it’s like the universe has given me this task wich I only can perform.

Just like YOU are the only one who can perform your life mission.
«Life-changing art» ?

The paintings have been assigned their own specific number rather than titles, because it is up to you to experience and discover what the painting means to you. So, I hope you understand me when I call my art style collecton for being a «life-changing art». It may as well happen to you like it does with me.

My authorship

When I write on my novels or poems, I think my writing style is both personal and hopefully inspiring with a healthy dose of spiritual essence. I’m not the type to «beat with a hammer» because I’ve experienced how it feels. Instead, I try to sow seeds I hope can be inspiring and being joyful to read.

Unfortunately, my novels are only in Norwegian for now, and the same goes with my Podcast, but that may change in the future. But, in the near future my plan is to make videoes in english about my painting work, yoga practice, more easy lifestyle and some nice short videos just for relaxation as well.

Therefore is my writing style like my painting style – «I am». For me, it is important that as many as possible understand what I write while i express life from my lifestyle and experience. Besides the story and romance, there are elements of actual events, thoughts and feelings wich is mine in my writing, so I hope that you as an reader appreciates it and just enjoying it. Where the actual events are located in my writing … is a secret, until you having the book.

Exibition in my home

From time to time, I will turn my private home into a gallery in the summertime by using my outdoor room as well as my livingroom. I will read from my book «De mystiske hjerteslagene», and give meditation with koshi bells at arranged time. It will be a simple serving of tea or coffie and biscuit.

Just a little about my Existence-yoga practice
Read about the Existence yoga
Previous years and education

I was born in 1962 and lives in Hamar. From 1996-2014 (18 years) I worked as a designer and made folklore and clothes inspired by earlier times, and met wonderful and knowledgeable people I still carry in my heart of gratitude. My sensitivity and creativity have resulted in two folklore dresses and one suit in the Norwegian bunad lexicon.

After two years at a Yogas School, I graduated as a yoga teacher in 2013, and Tibetan sword dance teacher in 2012. The courage has always drawn the longest straw in my desire to be a source of inspiration and helping others. For over 8 years I was a student in the ancient philosophy of the East. In addition to Existence yoga, I paint intuitive geometric images in acrylic, writes novels inspired by my experiences and conveys my work in the podcast «Unclear but Vigilant».

About me, is the short version about me, and if there is anything more you wish to know about my work or me, please contact me, and I will help you the best I can.

All the best

Berit Haga