My daily life

I am a self-taught artist and designer with confidence in my work. At 60, I have embarked on a new artistic journey since 2016, with greater self-esteem than during my career as a designer from 1996 to 2014. I offer a unique style of art that stems from my universal, creative, and artistic self. My abstract paintings convey positive intentions and inspire others.

Creativity and artistry define who I am and influence everything I do. I lead a yogic, creative, and artistic lifestyle, drawing from my life experiences. Openness, sensitivity, curiosity, and receptivity are essential to me. Embracing the possibilities of existence allows me to face challenges and seize the moment.

Epic and geometric art in a blend of the 3 colors black, white and gold

I find it intriguing that I paint in a geometric style despite my previous struggles with math. This choice humbles me and fills me with gratitude. It may be the path that allows me to truly understand and express myself.

Sometimes, despite hesitation, I hold onto the paintbrush. There are moments when I freeze, trembling from the untamed energy within me. Occasionally, I retreat, but I always find myself drawn back to painting. The color shades I use are wonderfully unpredictable, never the same. Sometimes white dominates, other times black or shades of grey intermingle, creating illusions of ice-blue or grey-blue.

I approach my artwork with utmost seriousness and experience immense joy and occasional anxiety during the process. I trust in patience, knowing the solution will reveal itself. Creating feels significant, as if the universe has entrusted me with a unique task, just as everyone has their own life mission.

I refer to my art collection as «life-changing art» because I assign numbers instead of titles to each painting. It is up to you to explore and discover their personal significance. Each composition is carefully constructed, inviting observers to explore the interplay between geometry, light, and the essence of the universe. By contemplating these paintings, viewers can uncover hidden symmetries and order in existence.

When it comes to my authorship, whether it be novels or poems, I aim for a personal and inspiring style infused with a spiritual essence. I write to inspire and nurture the hearts of readers, expressing life from my unique lifestyle and experiences. I hope readers appreciate the elements of actual events, thoughts, and feelings woven into my writing. At the moment, my novels and podcast are available only in Norwegian, but one novel is being translated into English.

Occasionally, I transform my home into a unique gallery experience, offering tea servings and sharing readings of poems that span from «old times» to the realm of technology.

If I can be of help in any way, just get in touch.

Berit Haga – the artist